It’s Time for Jake Peavy to Be Traded

Jake PeavyThe Boston Red Sox are 8-3 over their last 11 contests and two of those losses have come at the expense of starting Jake Peavy. Now, Peavy has pitched in some great games this season, but he also has given the lead up multiple times after the Boston Red Sox have battled back to tie the contest. The veteran now is 1-9 on the season in 20 starts and a change of venue might be what the pitcher needs to get back on the winning track.

In his most recent outing on Tuesday, Peavy threw away a definite infield hit to allow the Toronto Blue Jays to score first in the third inning. Then the wheels fell off in the sixth inning when the frame started off with a Jose Reyes home run, which was followed by a double and a two-run homer to put the Blue Jays up 4-0.

The 33-year-old has had trouble keeping the ball in the park, with the most home runs allowed in the AL this season, while leading the Red Sox in runs allowed at 67. He also leads the staff in walks (46) and in losses. Sure, he has received the lowest run support in all of MLB, but he really hasn’t given the team much to work with in his other starts as he now owns a 4.72 ERA on the season.

The Red Sox are trying to work on a deal to send Peavy to the St. Louis Cardinals, but the Cardinals just want to pick up the salary for the rest of the season while the Red Sox want at least one prospect or player to be added into the deal.

If the team really wants to move on from Peavy, who is a great presence in the clubhouse even with the losing record, then they need to look at all their options, and the pitchers in the minor leagues are ready to start at the major league level.

Pitchers like Allen Webster, Matt Barnes, Anthony Ranaudo and Steven Wright have shown they can get the job done. They have the right to at least spot start in the rotation and showcase what they can do for this squad in the future. You can’t forget about Brandon Workman either!

If the Red Sox are buyers or sellers at the trade deadline, Peavy should be on the trading block either way with the way he has been pitching this season. Leaving a game with the lead only once in 20 starts is average at best and the Red Sox should move on while he has some value.

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