Is It Time To Let David Ross Go?

David RossRight now, Boston Red Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski has been taking a lot of criticism for no reason. The Red Sox starting catcher is hitting .257 with a .288 OBP in 64 games for Boston clipping four homers. In the field, he has gunned down just 20% of runners which is below the league average. Still, Pierzynski is the best catcher on the Boston Red Sox roster and gets starts almost too often. His backup, David Ross on the other hand, is not having a good season. The slightly younger 37-year-old catcher is hitting just .176 in 27 games while smacking four homers and posting a dismal .235 OBP. Defense, which was once the specialty of David Ross, is now his Achilles heel. Throwing out just 23% of runners despite being well rested when he goes behind the plate is not what Boston is looking for at the moment. If the Red Sox want to improve, they will need a better catcher than what they have.
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Luckily for the Boston Red Sox, there is a solution. His name is Christian Vazquez and he is the starting catcher for the Pawtucket Red Sox. At 23-years-young the catcher is 14 years younger than both David Ross and A.J. Pierzynski. On the year, Vazquez is hitting .275 for the Pawtucket Red Sox posting a .331 OBP while clipping 19 extra base hits. Although this does not sound impressive, what Vazquez does behind the plate is impressive. Calling a great game and gunning down 39% of would-be base stealers, Christian Vazquez is the breath of fresh air the big league club is looking for right now. He could split time with A.J. Pierzynski, giving Pierzynski a break allowing him to be physically ready to catch when the time comes.

The reason why Boston needs to let David Ross go is simple: value. At this point it is clear that David Ross is not having a good season and he cannot catch on an everyday basis. He would be worth keeping if Pierzynski had trade value, but no teams are looking for an old mediocre catcher. Granted that neither catcher would yield any return in the trade market, Boston would be best to cut ties with their backup catcher: David Ross. This would clear a spot on the 40-man roster as well which would allow Boston to call up a player they currently do not have access to if need be.
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Overall, the choice is clear. Despite being the more popular of the two catchers, it is time that the Boston Red Sox part ways with David Ross. He had a solid career, but it is time for him to throw in the towel. Giving Christian Vazquez a shot in the big league could pay dividends to the team in 2015. Since Boston will be looking for two new catchers in 2015, Vazquez could potentially be one of those men with a convincing performance this year.

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