Time to move on from John Farrell?

The Red Sox and John Farrell are having a rough time of it this year. There are no ifs, john farrellands, or buts about it. After finishing in last place last year, the Red Sox are 5 games under .500 and coming off a sweep against the Minnesota Twins. And, according to Tony Masseroti, it may be time to entertain letting manager John Farrell go.

At this point, the firing of manager John Farrell has to at least be on the table.

Do the Red Sox want to do that, especially after giving Farrell a needless extension in Spring Training? Probably not. Certainly not. Farrell was signed through this season with an option for 2016 when he arrived at spring training after a last place finish, and he now has a deal through the 2017 season. Many of us deemed that extension to be needless and foolish at the time, and there has been nothing to transpire to change our minds.

In fact, what has happened with the Red Sox this season has only fortified that position. And if Farrell didn’t have his extension today, we’d be talking about him having a very tenuous future with the Red Sox.

And so, deal or no deal, why shouldn’t that be the case now?

I don’t believe that switching managers mid-season is necessarily the answer with this team. Masseroti points out that the Red Sox ownership has been quiet so far, which doesn’t bode well, but history says they’ll wait until after the season to change managers. This team has the talent to win the AL East, and I still believe they can, despite their early struggles. The AL East isn’t exactly the cream of the crop, so they can still overtake the other teams if they get hot. But, to do that,  they have to get their act together on the field. Farrell sets the lineup and the rotation, but ultimately the players have to perform. Maybe I’ll change my mind if this keeps up into July and August, but right now, it’s a performance issue, not necessarily a managerial problem.

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