Is it time to trade Jake Peavy?

Jake PeavyJake Peavy has only two wins against an American League opponent since joining the Boston Red Sox and is been one of the reasons the team has failed to reach the .500 mark since May.

The veteran right-handed starter is 5-6 in his career for the Red Sox with a 4.38 ERA. Sure, earlier this season he did not get the run support in some of his better pitched games, but enough is enough already.

With seven pitchers for five spots in the starting rotation, the Red Sox need to move some of the less valuable assets in order to keep Brandon Workman and/or Rubby De La Rosa up with the big league ball club. Clay Buchholz should be back Wednesday against the Seattle Mariners and Workman could be back on Friday against the New York Yankees after his six-day suspension ends.

At the end of the season, it doesn’t look as if Peavy is the guy that will stay, unlike Jon Lester and John Lackey who are both solid options to bolster the top half of any rotation. Lackey and Lester still have to negotiate to meet their contract needs, but they are better options than Peavy is right now in his career.

The 33-year-old should be better than a 4.52 ERA with a 1-5 record and maybe a NL team would be interested in acquiring a more veteran presence in the locker room. Specifically, the St. Louis Cardinals just lost a couple starters to injury and could use a fill-in starter until they return.

The Red Sox can’t ask for much and would have to eat a lot of his salary, but any deal for Peavy right now would help solidify a rotation that has been solid for most of the 2014 season.

The right-hander may have trouble seeing the catcher’s signals at times and his animated antics on the mound may be fun to watch, but it is time for the Red Sox to move on and let the younger pitchers start to get more innings under their belt. The future of the Red Sox rotation is at stake here.

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