Tommy Layne Is Here To Stay

tommy layneA true long shot in the 2007 MLB draft, Tommy Layne was originally only supposed to be a roster filler in the low minors. Picked in the 26th round back in 2007, Tommy Layne proved doubters wrong, and continues to do so pitching in 43 big league games so far in his career. Right now, Layne is in his third straight year logging big league time, but it’s apparent he is here to stay for the Boston Red Sox.
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In three games for the Red Sox, Tommy Layne has pitched well; allowing just a walk on 2 2/3 innings of work, things so far for Layne look good. Pair this with his 1.50 ERA in Pawtucket, while fanning 53 men on 48 innings of work, and his numbers are impressive. The lefty is a true LOOGY, or ‘lefty-one-out-guy’ as it is called. Boasting a 1.04 ERA against lefties in Pawtucket, and holding lefties to a .164 average in his big league career, it is clear what he does to left-handed hitters—he dominates them.
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Luckily for Boston, Layne is under contract for them next year and for a long time after that. Instead of going out and signing a proven LOOGY for a few million a year, Boston should go with the cheaper option and keep Layne at half a million a year. Although he will likely be the least used out of the bullpen in this role, it is important to have guys who can pitch well against lefties as it is often overlooked. With Craig Breslow set to be a free agent, and both Andrew Miller and Felix Doubront being dealt, Layne is the only lefty in the Red Sox system left with big league experience this year. The way Drake Britton is pitching helps Layne’s case even more.
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Right now, Tommy Layne is pitching well as usual. He will be used out of the Red Sox bullpen for the rest of this lost cause of a season, giving himself a chance to prove he can play the game and play it well. He will be effective out of the Red Sox bullpen and could be a mainstay in it for years to come.

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