Trade Now for Samardzija

Jeff Samardzija

Trade now for Samardzija or risk losing out. That is the dilemma the Red Sox are faced with. The longer they wait, the price will go up and other bidders will get involved. With a weaker A.L. East division so far, the Blue Jays will lead the pack in trying to acquire Jeff Samardzija followed by….you guessed it, the Yankees.

If the Oakland A’s think they have a shot to dance with the Tigers in the postseason, they would be next in line as well. In looking at the Red Sox farm system, they have more pitching depth than the other mentioned teams here to offer to Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer. The Cubs would probably want four arms, but the Red Sox would offer two and have to meet in the middle with three ultimately. Hopefully, that would get it done.

The arms the Sox would have to offer include: number five prospect Anthony Ranaudo, number eight Allen Webster, number nine Brandon Workman, number 10 Matt Barnes, number 11 Drake Britton, number 12 Trey Ball, number 13 Simon Mercedes, number 17 Teddy Stankiewicz, number 18 Jamie Callahan, number 19 Brian Johnson and number 20 Ty Buttrey. Prospect not listed, but could be included, is Ruby De La Rosa.

Jeff Samardzija is 29 years old and very talented throwing an arsenal of up to 5 pitches ranging from 87-97 mile an hour. He is coming up for a new contract, but so is Jake Peavy and Samardzija has less mileage on him. He would be a solid number two guy to be paired with Jon Lester. Prospects are always questionable and Samardzija would be a solid bet. With the stock of arms the Red Sox have on the farm, giving up three to get a solid top of the rotation guy would be worth the risk and the cupboard would still be hearty.

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