Wade Boggs: Should the Red Sox Retire his Jersey Number?

Wade Boggs

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Wade Boggs was a beast of a baseball player in the 1980’s and 90’s. In his 18 year career, he managed over 3,000 hits, 12 consecutive All-Star appearances, and won 2 Gold Gloves, 8 Silver Sluggers, and 5 AL batting titles. He’s a member of the Red Sox Hall of Fame and has been inducted into Cooperstown.

Despite all of this, Wade Boggs’ jersey number 26 has not been retired by the Red Sox. In fact, Wade Boggs is the only Hall of Famer whose jersey is not retired by the team whose cap is shown on his plaque in Cooperstown.

Wade Boggs

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In the past, the Red Sox had a third piece of criteria— the player must finish his career in Boston. However, the Red Sox made an exception for Carlton Fisk, who finished his career with the White Sox.

Is the only reason his jersey isn’t retired due to the fact that he left the Red Sox (who weren’t willing to resign him, mind you) and went to the Yankees? I certainly hope that that’s not why, because that’s just ridiculous. Yes, the Yankees and Red Sox are rivals (understatement), everyone knows that. But is that a real reason to not honor a player that brought so much to the team for so long? Absolutely not!

Personally, I’m on Team Retire #26, but I may be biased as I was once the owner of a Cabbage Patch Doll with a Wade Boggs jersey. Where do you stand?

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