The Wake Up Call: An Obstruction that Cost the Game


Game 3, bottom of the ninth, Allen Craig stumbles over Will Middlebrooks and third base umpire, Jim Joyce signaled for obstruction

It was a night to remember for sure. I, unfortunately, did not watch the game, but I surely got a wake up call. It was 10:00 in the morning; yes, call me an unsupportive Red Sox fan, but due to unfortunate circumstances in more ways than one, I did not know what happened until my phone rang this morning and there was a very livid Red Sox fan on the other side. Truly, I thought someone had died! “You don’t know what happened?” He asked in a very frustrated, annoyed and anxious voice. “What!?” It took him a moment to get it out. My hands began to shake and my heart began to race. Knowing after a moment he was referring to last night’s game, I replied, “Did somebody get hurt?” ” I can’t believe you don’t know what happened, but no, no one got hurt.” “Well thank God for that.”

It was the bottom of the ninth and Pedroia made an astonishing play to get Yadier Molina of the Cardinals out at home. Saltalamacchia proceeded to atempt a double play and threw to Middlebrooks at third to make the second out. Middlebrooks unfortunately fell to the ground in lieu of Salty’s throw, but the play was made by backup Daniel Nava no matter. “Safe!” gestured the home plate umpire, Dana DeMuth . Craig blatantly was not safe, but the third base umpire, Jim Joyce, claimed Middlebrooks had obstructed the runner’s passage. This was not the result all of Boston fans wanted.

There were other moments in the game and other decisions that were made to cause anxiety for us fans, but the final call was just too much for some of us to handle, including my friend on the other side of the phone this morning. For instance, where was Mike Napoli when we needed him? Benched!? Why did Farrell put Workman in the lineup when he could have easily replaced him with Napoli, a much stronger hitter? 1,2,3 strikes he’s out. Workman didn’t just strike out, but he struck out looking.

2-1 Cardinals. Again, these teams – the Red Sox and the Cardinals – and specifically the umpires are not making  this easy for us Bostonians to stomach. The question now is, will the Red Sox persevere or will they crumble? I don’t even think this is a question of concern. The Sox don’t have defeatist attitudes. In fact they have quite the opposite. If anything they may lose one more game to keep us on the edge of our seats, but that’s as far as it goes. They are a strong bunch of guys and they don’t lose easily. They will persevere and fight to the final inning of the final game back home, in Boston.

So fans, prepare yourselves for the roller coaster ride of your life. There are potentially four games left of the series. We’re not even half way through. Let’s keep the energy flowing and forget about what happened, bad call or not, it happened.

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