What Happened to # 51?


TORONTO, CANADA – JUNE 3: Daniel Bard #51 of the Boston Red Sox walks to the dugout after getting pulled after hitting Edwin Encarnacion of the Toronto Blue Jays during MLB action at The Rogers Centre June 3, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)

We haven’t heard from Daniel Bard (# 51) since February, or so it seems. What happened to the Boston Red Sox pitcher?  Did manager, John Farrell, decide to scrap him from the play list altogether? Do I have a ‘thing’ for him?  Maybe.  After all, he’s quite the catch (no pun intended). No, seriously.  We need to figure this out because I need a number to support this year, and because Bard has had such a tough time over the past year, I believe he deserves a fan, but where is he?  Why haven’t we heard about him in the media lately?  John Farrell, so it seems, speaks highly of the 27 year old pitcher. I believe that is why, after serving three consecutive years in the major leagues, and after the debacle the Red Sox had last year, being thrown into the minors, Bard is up and at it again with a different focus. Just like Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Bard has a new mindset to, “keep things simple”, and things will just work. Bard also focuses on the day to day tension he feels on the field, versus what the future holds. I, myself am an avid believer of keeping things simple, although it may not seem that way these days. But when I begin to complicate any given situation, which is when things spiral out of control.

Being sent to Triple A Pawtucket  was a shock for Bard, after being in the majors for three years, but simply put, Bard was ‘trying to find himself’, and to be respectful, I believe, manager John Farrell believes, and Bard believes, he did.

“Keep things simple”; go out and play the game; focus on the moment, and “build on today”.  These are some of the key phrases I’ve come across throughout my research.

So where is # 51 today? David Ortiz and Steven Drew are both on the injury list. We know that. Clay Buchholz is doing exceptionally well. He’s a strong pitcher who has maintained a good rhythm throughout spring training.

News flash! Yesterday, March 19, Daniel Bard was up on the mound and for the first time since spring training began, he gave up his first 3 runs to the Orioles. Ouch!  This makes him a hard sell. Will he make it to the team, or will he be sent back down to the minors? I will be distraught if he does get sent back down, but Farrell knows best, and if he’s not strong enough to make a comeback, than we won’t be seeing him this season; At least not in the majors.

Whether he reclaims his former glory or not, Bard offers very little appeal in fantasy leagues, as he’s the third option for saves in the Red Sox bullpen.

So, unfortunately, that’s where #51 stands.

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