Who’s Behind the Players?

Where is Dave Magadan and why aren’t we seeing him this year as the Red Sox take the field? New leader, manager, John Farrell fortunately is familiar with the team’s manpower, but unfortunately the majority of the coaches are new and have little to no experience in the major leagues says a report by Mike Fine in “Will the Boston Red Sox adjust to new leadership?”. So who’s behind the players?  Greg Colbrunn, Arnie Beveler, Dana Levangie, Torey Lovullo and Juan Nieves, all unfamiliar names to the team are our backbone this season. Despite the inexperience, Beveler in turn has the background. As a former manager in the Red Sox organization from 2000-02 and again from 2007-2012 Beveler is one of the only coaches this season to know its ins and outs. Presently the first base coach for the Sox, the question is, will he prevail? The question is for all the coaches, will they prevail and can they coach the Sox into the playoffs and beyond?

I was speaking with a fan the other day about the idea of the Red Sox making it back into the playoffs after the season they pulled last year.  “It’s doubtful,” he explained.  Even though the newly signed pitcher, Ryan Dempster, had an astounding turn out against the Cardinals his opening game in Fort Myers. “This doesn’t mean anything,” the fan states. However, the former White Sox bullpen coach, Juan Nieves, is in the position to turn tables.  Now the pitching coach Nieves in turn has the ability to make things happen.  After all, over the past 14 years he has provided the White Sox with his professionalism and talent where he has brought rookies like Addison Reed and Nate Jones to the forefront.

Getting back to Dave Magadan.  Where has he gone and who do we have to replace him as hitting coach in this year’s season? Magadan went to the Texas Rangers and Greg Colbrunn is up to bat (no pun intended). With Colbrunn’s abilities to connect with the players John Farrell and others decided he would make a good fit despite his inexperience in the major leagues. Arnie Beveler, first base coach, Tory Lovullo, bench coach and Dana Levangie, bullpen coach have all been hired alongside those aforementioned to bring the Boston Red Sox up to par. These are the men who are behind the players. The question now stands, will the Red Sox make the playoffs this season or will they fold as they did the previous year?

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