Wildcard Baseball Standings Confuse, Writer Dangerously Close to a Pink Hat

wildcard baseball standings

September wildcard baseball standings start to resemble golf or one of those scary algebra classes from high school. I swear there are imaginary numbers involved, but the sports people like to call them magic numbers. Did I mention how uncomfortable I am with math, and that my dear brother and I did not discuss this during any of the prior seasons in the last 30 years? He actually admitted to me tonight that he doesn’t fully “get it” either. He’s a card-carrying male that works with numbers daily in finance. Seriously?!

Here is an example that reminds me of golf. Team A is +1, team B is 0, and team C is -1 in the wildcard race. Huh? Where is Ernie Els when you need him for something other than a crossword puzzle answer? Meanwhile, our Boston Red Sox are sitting pretty having won the Division, so technically we do not have to worry about this stuff, right? Please tell me I’m right.  No, John Farrell and the team have to at least think about these teams. They must prepare for whatever it is that may come their way.  To add to the confusion the standings change every day, as do the “magic numbers.”

wildcard baseball standings pink hatAcross the American League, teams look to win games to clinch a shot to play other teams to get to the playoffs, and ultimately, the World Series. Most likely, for the American league, Cleveland, Tampa, and Texas are vying to get their regular season wins high enough to fight for a spot to play in the wildcard game. Am I getting close? Gosh, I feel like such a dumb girl today! Any minute now, some man in black will probably come over and revoke my blue Red Sox hat, only to give me a pink one.

Let’s see if I can redeem myself before I lose my future career in sports writing. Tampa and Cleveland will probably earn the wildcards for the American League. These two teams will be nip and tuck for the rest of the regular season. The only variable is the difficulty of the schedule Cleveland and Tampa have ahead of them in the next few days. If one of the two teams fails, Texas may step up and have a shot.

Okay, I’m going to go play with my Barbies, paint my nails, and get this girlie stuff out of my system. Then I plan on putting on my blue Red Sox cap, and hitting the stats websites hard. I can figure this out.

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