Womens ZigZag Print Sweater – Brown Back / Multicolor

This sleeveless sweater from dresshead shop is targeted towards the woman who truly wants a modern look. The warm brown that serves as the foundation of the outfit is accented by rich hues of blue, orange, red, and white. This novel design is not for any woman who wishes to blend into the crowd, because a woman will be noticed immediately when she is wearing this sweater. Along with the bright colors, the detail of the knitting woven into the sweater makes the design perfect for a woman who wants to combine a fun look with a sophisticated design. The round neck of the ZigZag Print sweater itself is perfect for a matching scarf, and the sleeveless look goes well with a pair of matching gloves in the same design. The flowing sweater comes in all of the following sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large. Ideally, this sweater would go best with a pair of brown or similarly dark leggings.

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