World Series Champion Boston Red Sox Win at Home

World Series Champion Boston Red Sox

What a run by our World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox. Did I just type that? Back in February I thought my time with Yawkey Way Report would end in September at the conclusion of the regular season. I have never been so happy to be wrong. This team exemplified everything that it means to work together to reach a common goal, proving everyone wrong. No, I joke. These bearded beasts of baseball wanted to win with every fiber of their being. Everyone contributed— from the spring training games at JetBlue Park to the post-season games at Fenway. They respected one another, had an exceptional leader in John Farrell leveraging each player’s strengths and weaknesses, and the inspiration of the people of Boston directly affected by the Marathon bombings. All these variables aligned like stars to make this World Series win possible.

As for some commentary on Game 6, I could not be more surprised by Stephen Drew’s home run. I hope everyone forgave him just a bit (while their jaws dropped to the floor) for his lack of run production throughout the postseason. Shane Victorino overcame injury and had a stellar offensive game. He wanted to be there for his teammates, and was he ever! John Lackey gave another stellar performance. At one point, I am sure some of us (not me) thought he could finish the game; cue Brandon Workman. Yes, Brandon Workman, a man that started his season for the Double-A Portland, ME ended his season on the mound in the final game of the Fall Classic. Take a moment and wrap your mind around that trajectory; it epitomizes how the entire franchise, every man, made the impossible possible.

What a game! What a team! What a year!

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