World Series Game 4, A Team Effort from Start to Finish

World Series Game 4

World Series Game 4 featured some improved bats in the lineup, including a late addition made at batting practice, Jonny Gomes. Gomes hit a home run, scoring 3 men and giving the team a 4 run lead. Believe it or not, Stephen Drew improved his offensive performance and earned an RBI with a hit to right field, scoring David Ortiz prior to Gomes’ bomb into one of the deepest parts of that St. Louis field. Each and every player pushed hard, together as a team, to overcome the Game 3 loss. Game 3 worried many members of Red Sox Nation. We know every move these players make is crucial to a win. What pressure! Still, pressure is what the post season is all about.

Pitching was handled as a team effort, too. Forever fighting, Clay Buchholz began the game. Many members of the bullpen, including Felix Doubront, John Dempster, Junichi Tazawa, John Lackey, and Koji Uehara followed him. Each man performed and stitched together innings that held the Cardinals to only 2 runs. Wise decision making by John Farrell and Juan Nieves.

Overall, an impressive observation of the Red Sox’ game is that when they lose, they lose tight games. Game 3 was won by 1 point. When they win, they win by over 2 points. When one team member gets on base, in Game 4 it was David Ortiz, additional hits are sure to follow. Everyone rises to the occasion, which is rare in modern day baseball where players seem to be playing for personal stats, salaries, and status. Focus on the team begins with management. Once the players know that Farrell and Nieves care, it encourages the team to come together and work hard as one. This clubhouse camaraderie was missing last year under Bobby Valentine. Now it is back. Hopefully it is here to stay.

On to Game 5. Go Sox!

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