What Is Wrong With Clay Buchholz?

Clay BuchholzThe oldest member of the Boston Red Sox rotation right now is only 29-years-old. That man is Clay Buchholz. 29 is an age where most players peak and put up the best numbers of their career. For Buchholz, this is not the case.
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In his worst year since he hit a tremendous sophomore slump, things could not get much worse for Buchholz than they are right now. In 18 starts he owns a 6.20 ERA over the course of 101 2/3 innings on the year, showing how consistent he has been with his poor pitching. In fact, if he qualified, Buchholz would have the worst ERA for a starter in all of baseball. He does not, but only due to a lack of innings pitched in his low-quality outings.

Right now, the Boston Red Sox are not in contention and took themselves out of contention entirely at the trade deadline last Thursday. At this point in a season that mattered for something, the front office would take action and do something about Clay Buchholz. Since it does not matter, and the team is not in a good spot, they sit and they wait.
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Meanwhile, the Red Sox have the best starting pitcher in AAA sitting down in the minors after giving the big league club a quality start — against the New York Yankees. Anthony Ranaudo owns a 2.41 ERA in 21 starts for the Pawtucket Red Sox and definitely warrants some starts in the Major Leagues, but there is no room for him right now despite the way Clay Buchholz is pitching.

The Buchholz situation is a tough one to play out, but maybe it would be best if Boston shut him down for the rest of this season. Clearly this is not a Red Sox team that is going to play in October and Buchholz’ problems are mental, not physical. Giving Buchholz some time to think and get back to his old approach would be a smart call by Boston so they can bank on him coming back strong for the 2015 season.
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