Xander Watch Update #1


This March, spring training for Red Sox prospect Xander Bogaerts will occur far away from Fort Myers. By far away, I mean the other side of the world. Bogaerts, an Aruba-born shortstop, will capitalize on his Dutch citizenship by entering the World Baseball Classic as part of the team from the Netherlands.

As the eighth best prospect in all of the minor leagues, according to baseball-reference.com, Xander should get some run with his national club, who begin pool play Saturday at 6:30 against Korea. I should probably mention this, that’s 6:30 am. The reason for the early start time is because all of Pool B will play their games in Taichung, Taiwan. Other pool teams include Korea, Australia, and Chinese Taipei.

Seriously though, who put this schedule together? Three Asian/Oceania teams and the Netherlands? When you consider that Spain and Italy also have a team competing, why did the Netherlands have to get stuck traveling all the way out Taiwan? I’ve got one word for the World Baseball Classic scheduling committee. Maps.

I’m probably just bitter that I’ll have to watch Fenway’s future infielder with half open, blood shot eyes. Doesn’t the World Baseball Classic realize that I just turned 21 and Saturday mornings don’t work for me anymore? Oh well, watching the Sox while I’m half asleep beats watching Sox players who are half asleep (first blog of 2013 and I’m already dropping snarky Adrian Gonzalez comments!).

Good Luck to Xander getting over the jet lag and representing the Red Sox abroad. We’ll be watching.

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