Yankees — the New Red Sox Cash Dumping Ground

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First it was the Dodgers. Now it’s the good ole Bronx Bombers.

When the Red Sox needed to trim their budget, and take out some major trash, the Dodgers were there to take the three bums: Gonzales, Crawford and Beckett.

Now, enter the Yankees. They signed this week Jacoby Ellsbury (sorry, Pink Hats) to a $153 million, seven-year deal. Two-time World Series champion center-fielder — gone just like that.

And I love it.

Sure, the Sox weren’t necessarily willing to dump Ellsbury on anybody. They may have kept him with the right deal.

But when Cashman’s Kids came calling with the third largest contract ever handed to an outfielder — crazy, right? — the Sox had to be relieved. They didn’t want him this bad – not with JBJ, or Jackie Bradley Jr., waiting in the wings.

Isn’t this awesome? The Yankees are the ones taking our players? Needing our players? Thinking they stole our players when they did us a huge favor?

So they took the Babe from us. So they took A-Rod from us (not too bad after all there). Youkilis. Damon.

This is GREAT. They need us. We don’t need them any more. They’re falling. They’re scraping. Look at all the money the Sox have saved with LA and New York taking on these guys.

Toss in the newly-acquired catcher, AJ Pierzynski, and the Sox are ahead of the Yankees already — just like they were most of last year in the AL East.

You know what, though? Do we even care about the Yankees any more? Are they even an obstacle? Rival? I don’t think the rivalry will ever “end,” but the fire is close to out, isn’t it?

Hey– as long as this doesn’t include a game-winning home run to win an ALCS (Aaron Bleeping Boone), I don’t care what the Yankees do – even if it means stealing a fan favorite every now and then.

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