Yoan Aybar, the 16 year old Outfielder, Signed Monday

Yoan Aybar

(AP Photo)

News in! The Red Sox have signed a 16 (barely 16) year old left-handed rookie, Yoan Aybar, Monday, July 8. A center fielder who has great potential when it comes to power behind the plate and arm strength (although needs improvement), Aybar fits the description of the kind of athlete the Red Sox are looking for in years to come.

The 6-foot-2, 165 lb. Dominican has promising attributes that struck a chord Monday. He has ‘raw’ talent that, if worked on continuously, could prove unequivocal results in the future. ¬†His salary: $450,000! ¬†Clearly enough to hold a 16 year old down, but not nearly as much as most international free agents sign for.

There isn’t a lot to know about Yoan Aybar yet, but I suspect, because of how young he is and how much talent he has been portrayed to have, it won’t be long until he’s all over the media. As the days progress, we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for the 16 year old free agent and what’s in store for the Red Sox in continuing years.

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