Yoenis Cespedes Poised For Big 2015 Season

cespedesWhen the Boston Red Sox traded their ace, Jon Lester, it was apparent they would not get an equally talented return. Although this ended up being true, Boston came as close as they could obtaining a valuable piece in Yoenis Cespedes. This slugger is in a great situation for a tremendous 2015 season.

cespedes spray chartThe Cuban defector will be playing half his games at Fenway Park which will give him a power surge. At O.co Coliseum, which was his home field in Oakland, left field is 330 feet away while left-center is 367 feet away. At Fenway Park, left field is just 310 feet away — and 37 feet high. Trajectory is not a problem for the righty as he has hit at least a few deep fly balls this year which would have been gone at Fenway Park. Instead, those balls were fly outs.
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The Red Sox lineup also gives Cespedes an advantage because he is surrounded by talent. Hitting near both Mike Napoli and David Ortiz will pay dividends for Cespedes next year because it will be tough to pitch around him. Pitchers will need to pitch to Cespedes and not intentionally walk him or throw garbage because of how potent other hitters in the lineup are. Since he is an aggressive hitter, receiving strikes to hit will help Cespedes go yard even more often.

Do not forget either that Yoenis Cespedes is entering the peak of his career. Next year, he will be 29, an age at which many Major League Baseball players peak. For Cespedes, this means he will be even better than in years past.
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As far as the number of at-bats it takes him to pop a homer, the number comes out to roughly 23.5 at-bats per bomb. According to Baseball Reference, this means that he clubs 29 homers for every 162 games he plays. Now this number should be up based off of a number of factors which will lead to some big results in 2015.

In 2015, expect Cespedes to hit 30 homeruns for the Boston Red Sox in a full and healthy season. His slash line should be around .270/.310/.500 if all goes well since Fenway Park is ideal for him to smack plenty of homeruns and doubles.

On defense, the wall out in left will be beneficial to Cespedes. If runners dare test his cannon arm, he will get plenty of assists and lead all of baseball once again in this category.
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2015 looks to be a big year for Yoenis Cespedes. It will be his first and possibly last full year with the Boston Red Sox. Next year for Cespedes seems like it could be Jason Bay-esque in the power department at least. Even if Boston fails to lock him up long term, they will get good use out of the Cuban slugger making it almost worth trading an ace — keyword almost.

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