Thanks New York

It’s been a streaky season for the Boston Red Sox. It seems one week the bats will explode, and they’ll win 5 straight games, only to turn around the next week and get swept by teams like the Pirates. Near .500 baseball in mid-June isn’t traditionally considered a contender, but in the age of way too many Wild Card teams; .500 baseball can be good enough. After Chris Sale went down, the teams needed a kick in the butt to get them back to a more winning brand of baseball. And there is nothing like embarrassing your rival on national TV to light a fire under the team.

The Red Sox have a bad habit this year of losing to teams they should beat and losing to the teams they need to jump in the standings. However, what makes it more tolerable is Boston having New Yorks number this season. After winning the hard fought three game series at Yankee stadium the week prior, the rivals squared off again this weekend at Fenway where Boston dominated all weekend. It started with a 15-5 beatdown on Friday night to set the tone for the series. After a rainout Saturday, the teams played a double-header on Sunday. It was the first double-header sweep the Red Sox had over the Yankees since 2006. The Red Sox ended up outscoring the Yankees 25-8 over the three games.

June hasn’t been too kind to Boston this year but two series wins over the Yankees has been a silver lining. The team looks to be able to build some momentum from the series, winning the first two out of three games in Minnesota, scoring nine and ten runs respectively in those wins. The team looks to continue to ride the wave and avoid the split in the series as Justin Garza takes the mound against Joe Ryan in the finale against the Twins. Hopefully then can ride that momentum into July and maybe even the All-Star break.

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