Chaim Bloom Is Done

The Boston Red Sox parted ways with their Chief Baseball Officer, Chaim Bloom last week. After four seasons of mediocrity, the front office pulled the plug on the Bloom experiment. Poached from Tampa Bay’s front office to try and turn the team around while cutting spending, Chaim’s time in Boston won’t be remembered fondly. Although he did trim the player salaries, the product looked cheaper because of it. At least he drafted well? Bloom was brought it in October 2019 and was immediately hailed as one of the great young minds in baseball. He came from a Rays system that excels at drafting and developing pitching and getting the most out of cheap talent. Boston was hoping he could do the same for the Sox. However, after years of having a revolving door of starters and a complete mess of a rotation, it’s safe to say that Blooms was not the master mind down in Tampa.

The legacy left behind will leave a sour taste in Sox Fans mouths for years to come. Most fans look at Bloom as the man who dealt Mookie Betts to the Dodgers. Although he was put in a tough spot of coming into the team that was already trying to move the player, It was exacerbated by what many feel was a lackluster return for a generational talent. Even if Boston fans were understanding (they’re not) about the Betts situation, it was made worse by other players being shown the door. Eovaldi and Wacha hit free agency last winter without any serious offers and were replaced by a washed-up Corey Kluber. Kyle Schwarber said he wanted to remain in Boston but got no serious offers and went to Philadelphia. JD Martinez was replaced by a 39-year-old Justin Turner. Or failing to work out an extension with Xander Bogaerts with an offered that was described as a “slap in the face.”

It felt like since Bloom was brought in every situation with players was coming back being described as “mismanaged.” The final straw seemed to be Chaim’s inability to handle the Trade Deadline. 2022’s deadline left many scratching their heads wondering what the direction was. Rumors started to swirl that he lacked the backbone to be a Chief Baseball Officer. Many saw him as someone who was hesitant and unsure of himself, unable to take a leap of faith and just pull the trigger. In the end it became too much for the owners and we’re right back where we started in October of 2019.

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